During the 2 days following that unfortunate collision between right arm and pavement, extensive bruising appeared around the elbow and the fingers began to swell causing extreme discomfort where the plaster became too tight.

Sunday 31st August, first port of call Bodmin Hospital – just 5 mins up the road. They took one look at the hand and said “back to Treliske for you”. So, the 28-mile trek to Treliske it was, and where we waited a mere 10 minutes before being seen! Got back home just in the nick of time to welcome ‘arriving’ guests.

The following Thursday (3rd September) involved a further return to Treliske for X-ray and it was then the Consultant decided that ‘day surgery’ was required in order to insert a titanium plate – yes, it had been a very bad break.  Upside is that new plastercast stretches only from fingers to elbow – previous one extended to armpit!

7th September dawned and 7 one-handed cooked breakfasts later, we headed off to St. Michael’s Hospital down at Hayle, even further away than Truro, at 42 miles! Kim returned home to deal with Bedknobs admin and ‘arrivals’. Was due to be operated on at 3-ish but slight last-minute delay and eventually went down at around 4 and back to the ward shortly before 6.

St. Michael’s at Hayle is a wonderful, caring and exceedingly well-run (smaller than Treliske) hospital – certainly from this patient’s experience.  Was there for 5 days in December 2013 with broken hip/replacement! During that time and this, I don’t recall hearing one bad or cross word said. The staff all work really hard, everyone is so helpful and everywhere you see is spotlessly clean. And co-incidentally, I found myself this time, in exactly the same bed in exactly the same ward as in 2013!

Kim collected me and we got back home around 11.30 p.m. He had talked all our guests into a ‘non cooked’ breakfast next morning so whilst he toiled single-handed (well actually, both hands but on his own) I skived in my pit enjoying every moment of a very welcome and much appreciated, lie-in!

Am trying very hard not to overdo it but it doesn’t come easy when one is used to leading life at full speed. I know, but it’s the only way to fit everything in! And of course, having to ‘ask’ is a real learning curve.

These are some of the things I just can’t do:

tie back my hair

tie my pinny

put up the washing line

hang out the washing

lift (full of water) washing-up bowl out of sink or squeeze out a cloth

type fast – have been relegated from touch-typing, to just 4 fingers on the one working hand – oh gosh it’s slow!

Things I can still do:

just about everything else though feeding the cats can prove challenging! This is what to do should you find yourself in a similar predicament.  First, ask someone else to remove the lid – attempting it yourself is just not worth the risk.  Next, stand adjacent to the cat bowl (on the floor of course) with cat food tin wedged firmly between the feet. Then, using a spoon (a fork just doesn’t work) spoon out food into  bowl. Repeat according to number of cats. Yes, it would be simpler to ask – but then who said life was meant to be simple?

Hey ho, only 5 more weeks to go!!


An Unexpected Trip!  Part 1

The 29th August 2015 began as a perfectly normal day with 8 for breakfast as is usual at this busy time of year. Then followed clearing breakfast (with help from Grace that morning), bidding farewell to departing guests, room changes and cleaning, laundry delivery/collection, ordering bread, preparing banking, checking arrival times for new guests, taking delivery of coffee order, then a quick bite of lunch before dashing down town with shopping list at the ready.

On the list were all the Bs Bank, Butchers, Bakers, Bricknells (the Stationers) and Bunts the Newsagents. Kim said he would come with me as I had a pain in my left leg (real nuisance but appointment fixed for X-ray the following Tuesday). Kim would do Butchers and Bakers, I’d do the banking and we’d meet up at Bricknells and do the rest together.

Well, best laid plans and all that …..

I did the banking and set off on the short walk to Bricknells. Head filled with guest arrival times, shopping list, Bank Holiday stuff, a friends birthday BBQ we’d planned for the next day – before I knew it, I tripped and hit the deck with one almighty crunch!

I knew instantly I’d broken my wrist – recognising that same sound of breaking bone as when I broke the other arm back in 2010! Thankfully, it’s the right one this time – I’m left-handed!

Several passers-by rushed to my aid including a lovely nurse from Liverpool who stayed with me til Kim and then the Paramedic arrived. She drove me to our local Bodmin Hospital who couldn’t help – they already had a queue for X-rays and were nearing closing time.

So down to Treliske it was (28 miles from Bodmin) with all the Friday change-over/Bank holiday, not to mention rush hour, traffic. We got there some time before 6. Meanwhile, Kim returned to Bedknobs to check on guests, leave a key, a note and his mobile phone no, then drove down to Truro to join me.

It seemed we were at the hospital for an age. I had already checked in at Reception and seen the Triage Nurse prior to a long wait for X-ray where I was when Kim arrived. Surprisingly the waiting area wasn’t too crowded given the number of Visitors in Cornwall for Bank Holiday and the number of cars on the roads that weekend.

Back in one PieceShortly after X-ray I was seen by a lovely Doctor who diagnosed a bad break that he said would require anaesthetic in order to re-set the bone – and they might have to keep me in overnight. I don’t think so!

And so they didn’t – keep me in that is. However, I was plastered from wrist, at a right angle round elbow and almost up to my armpit. That is a lot of plaster and my arm was very heavy!

 We arrived home some time after 10 armed with high octane pain-killers and a          takeaway collected en-route. Honestly, we could have eaten a scabby horse we were so hungry. Devoured in record time, we then had the table to lay (Kim) and breakfast to prep’ (me) before falling into bed some time after midnight.

Saturday morning our guests were treated to a left-handed breakfast. I had extra assistance from ‘Basil’ with those things that you just cannot avoid needing 2 hands for and for the 1st time ever, I broke eggs with one hand – well, 5 out of 7 were good! And of course I got the sympathy vote from all our guests. I am not at this stage admitting to having broken the left wrist in 2010 or left hip in 2013 – that might just be an admission too far!

Breaking a bone is a bit like sustainable living – it’s all about learning to do things in a slightly different way – like typing with just one hand!

Welcome to our Bees

We have always said that one day we would keep bees. At Cornwall’s Boconnoc Spring Flower Show in April 2013, the Cornwall Beekeepers Association were encouraging visitors who might be interested in keeping bees themselves, to put their name forward. We did, then heard nothing further until .. ………….

….. November 2013 when we had a call from neighbours in the next road, given our name by the Association. They told us they were planning their retirement, had sold their house, moved to their nearby holiday cottage and were about to start a ‘new build’ down on the coast. As they both lived and worked in Bodmin, they were looking for somewhere close by to keep their bees until they were ready to move to their new home.

We were able to offer the perfect spot in the garden and to cut a long story short, 2 occupied hives and an empty one, arrived at Bedknobs for Bee B&B in January 2014. We were very excited – just imagine, bees in our own garden, not to mention being able to offer local honey to our B&B guests for breakfast.

The Bees Arrive - January 2014

The Bees Arrive – January 2014

In the bee-ginning ...

In the bee-ginning …

During the Spring and Summer of 2014, I would go up to the hives with Harriet (in a borrowed bee suit) and was able to both watch and learn from her on a regular basis. She allowed me to do a lot of the hands on stuff like lifting out the frames to check for brood (eggs), spotting the Queen, cleaning up the frames and boxes that the bees had tried to glue together with beeswax, or propolis, a glue-like substance (much like superglue!) but collected by the bees, from trees. We checked for signs of Varoa, a parasite that can destroy entire bee colonies – and the wax moth that can cause similar destruction if left unattended.

The Birthday Suit!

The Birthday Suit!

Kim often took photos and videos – a brilliant reminder of what to do and how to do it. My birthday present in May 2014 was a bee suit – made locally here in Cornwall of course!

I joined Bodmin Beekeepers Group which is part of The CBKA and attended their regular summer meetings held at a local apiary. In November I signed up to a 4-day course run by the President of The CBKA. There is so much to learn and I am still very much at the very start of that learning curve.

I truly believe the art of beekeeping is being able to get inside the bees’ heads and work out what they want and not what we think they want. It will be a few years yet before that is properly in place and I truly wish that I had started keeping bees a long, long time ago!

Within the UK tourism industry, The Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS) is generally acknowledged to be the UK’s leading Sustainable Tourism Certification Scheme. Earlier this year, Bedknobs was short-listed by GTBS for a prestigious GoldStar Award. In the words of GTBS:

“Those shortlisted were selected from the top performing businesses
that achieved a Green Tourism Gold grading in 2013. They have been
assessed for their innovation, cost savings and green ambassadorship
during 2013-2014.”

We were thrilled that GTBS should again consider Bedknobs to be one of the ‘greenest’ B&Bs in the country – we were similarly short-listed in 2012. We have now received our 2014 Certificate following the Award Ceremony in Manchester last month and are hugely proud that Bedknobs reached the finals of the 2014 GTBS GoldStar Awards.

And then in May, Bedknobs was invited by Trip Advisor, world-wide Review website, to apply for their GreenLeader Accreditation. This we did and to our delight, were duly awarded GreenLeader GOLD. Bedknobs is one of only 2 in the top 100 of Cornwall’s 1,000+ B&Bs listed on Trip Advisor, to hold a GreenLeader GOLD Award.

And to make it 3 in a row this year, Bedknobs was awarded Trip Advisors’ Certificate of Excellence for the 4th year running. In Trip Advisor’s own words:

“Certificate of Excellence recipients represent the top 10 percent
of businesses listed on World’s Largest Travel site”

We are hugely grateful to our guests who have reviewed Bedknobs so favourably and thus helped put us in this enviable position – Thank You All so much.

And of course your return would be most welcome!

Indeed, whether you are returning or planning your first visit to Bedknobs in Bodmin, right here in the heart of Cornwall, you can book easily using our safe and secure on-line booking procedure. Simply click the ‘Book Now’ button on Bedknobs’ own website, select your dates, choose your room and …. book – it’s that easy!

We hope to see you soon

OK, so where has Bedknobs’ BLOG been all these months?  Well, sad to say (though not of course for Bedknobs!) it became the victim of its busiest season ever here in Cornwall, helped partly by the OBAs (on-line booking agencies to you and me) but more about those later.

Hopefully, the Bedknobs BLOG is back on track and very much looks forward to sharing with you lots of news about Cornwall – past, present and future, a bit about Bedknobs’ including achievements this year, our ‘green’ ethos and how this fits comfortably into life here at Bedknobs – and hopefully, a whole lot more.

So watch this space!

Some co-incidences you just wouldn’t put money on.  This is one of them.  At the end of May we had guests booked in – lead name on the booking form being Gill.  Gill and Alan duly arrived and I introduced myself as ‘Gill with a G, actually Gillian but never use it’.  ‘Oh, I’m Gill[ian] with a G too and like you, everyone calls me Gill’ said Gill.  We laughed.

A couple of days later, we had a booking in the name of Steve.  On arrival, Steve introduced himself and his wife … Gill!  Yes, she too was a Gill[ian] – more laughter and of course much merriment at breakfast next morning as this was explained to our other guests.

On departure day, I spotted the first Gill signing our Visitors’ Book.  ‘Oh, you’re left-handed just like me’ said I.  ‘Yes’ she said ‘I wonder if …. the other Gill is too?’  We laughed – co-incidences like that just don’t happen – do they?  I returned to the breakfast room and asked the question ‘Gill do tell me, are you right-handed or are you left-handed?’  ‘I’m left-handed’ came the reply.  Well, you could have scraped me off the floor.

And so I ask the question ‘just how often might you expect to find 3 left-handed Gill[ian]s all in the same place at the same time?’  Not very often I suspect and if there is a Statistician out there that can calculate the odds, please let us know.


Today is the birth of my Blog.  Onebuzybee is me, Gill(y) Jenkins who runs Bedknobs B&B in Bodmin, Cornwall, ably assisted by partner Kim who is both IT Guru and puzzle maker and of course ‘Basil’ at breakfast!  Bedknobs has been running for almost 24 years, the last 14 here in Cornwall – the very best place in the world to live.

My interests are mainly craft-based but recently we have become amateur Beekeepers.  In January (2014) a hive of around 50,000 honeybees (not counted!) came to stay whilst their Keepers self-build their new home.  We hope that by the time they move to their permanent accommodation, our own hive will be up and flying!  More news of our B&B Bees to follow.

My involvement with tourism goes back 25 years (after some 20 years in the legal profession) and sustainable tourism is at the heart of our businesses and our lives.  Bedknobs B&B is ‘green’ from the roots up and we have always worked closely with organisations whose mission it is to promote eco-tourism and sustainable living – much more about that in future posts too.